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The new 2013 SteadiDrone QU4D is a high performance, ultra strong, lightweight carbon fibre quadcopter designed for everyday aerial stills and shooting HD video from the air. Now you get a wooden propeller to each Quadrocopter QU4D RTF free! (SteadiDrone QU4D is in stock and delivery is possible within a few days!)

Product Description

The new 2013 SteadiDrone QU4D is a high performance, ultra strong, lightweight carbon fibre quadcopter designed for everyday aerial stills and shooting HD video from the air. The QU4D is specifically developed around the GoPro range of HD cameras and ideal with the GoPro 3 Black Edition for capturing HD aerial footage like never before!

The QU4D features a 2x vibration damping system as well as our own unique motor mount vibration damping system! The SteadiDrone foldable arm system allows for two different 'flight modes', normal, with the arms positioned like a 'traditional' quad, squared, or in 'Hero' mode, with the arms angled much wider apart to allow for filming with the GoPro without getting the props in shot, even at 170'! The arms also fold up completely so you can hit the road within seconds! We believe it's the best high performance camera quadcopter available! The RTF kit comes assembled by our professional highly experience technicians, fully tested and ready to fly out the box with the everything you need and a few extras!


Key Features that set the QU4D apart

• Foldable motor arms with two flight modes – 'NORMAL' square quadcopter or 'HERO' mode for wide angle filming
• 2X Vibration damping system, camera and motor mount vibration damping!
• 5 second deployment – folds up into a very compact size for travel and storage
• Built in fixed GoPro camera bracket, simply mount your camera and fly!
• Full GPS navigation system with altitude hold, position hold, unlimited waypoint navigation and more
• Ultra durable Carbon Fibre airframe with loads of room for extras and looks great


SteadiDrone QU4D Full RTF Kit

• SteadiDrone QU4D advanced carbon fibre airframe kit with foldable compact arms, durable aluminium landing gear and engraved top dome cover
• SteadiDrone 2X Vibration Damping System for smooth video and jello free filming
• Built in anti-vibration fixed GoPro bracket for high quality stills and video – no props in the shot even at 170'
• Foam enclosure for electronics provides light weather proofing and keeps dust and dirt out
• Battery Velcro Strap
• SteadiDrone QU4D User manual
• Free SteadiDrone Lanyard and sticker!
• Custom ArduCopter 2.5 Flight Control System – Full advanced GPS guidance, unlimited waypoint navigation, return to home, auto land fail-safes, GPS, ALT hold and much more
• 4 x 650Kv 3506 powerfull and efficient SteadiDrone brushless motors
• 4-1 20A Quattro ESC Motor controllers
• 4 x 10” Props
• All wiring, connectors and extras included
• Long range wireless data telemetry system for live mission planning and telemetry to ground station / laptop
• 2.4Ghz Advanced digital flight control radio system
• 4200mah 4S SteadiDrone power pack – up to 20min flight time!
• AC/DC Battery charger kit
• Lipo alarm checker
• SteadiDrone AGC (Android Ground Control) App


Technical Specifications:

Cameras - GoPro, GoPro 2 and GoPro 3 HD
Payload - ideal 100 to 400g / max 800g (over and above drone weight)
Speed - zero up to 100km/h (depends on payload) / Range – up to 1.5km
Flight Time - up to 15-20min (depending on payload, props, weather, altitude etc)
Dimensions - size 580x560mm / folded 390x200mm / height 110mm / weight 1200g (RTF no battery)



Required: Nothing! Comes built, tested and fully ready to go, just stick the props on, plug in the battery and fly!

Please Note:
* PNF Kit requires radio/receiver and initial setup.
* The standard servo roll gimbal has been discontinued due to the new brushless gimabl SDBG4
* The SteadiDrone QU4D is a powerful and agile quadcopter with many advanced and techical features, prior flight experience and a general knoledge in RC technology is highly recommended.
* If you choose the NAZA flight controller the DX5e radio only supports normal Atti mode and not GPS as the switch on the radio cannot switch between flight modes with the NAZA. It's advised to use the DX6i or another radio with a 3 position switch.


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